Case management and error reporting system for property owners, wholesalers and service companies

Always available, no programs to install, everything is in the cloud
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A Piccolo for all your needs

Piccolo is the case management system of the future and is tailored to your specific wishes and needs.

Case management & error reporting in a fast and flexible system.

History helps you optimise your business going forward

Add your own properties, premises and types of errors and cases.

Get started in a few minutes. Always available, no programs to install, everything is in the cloud.

Feel free to use or stop using Piccolo anytime.

The power is on your hands.

Piccolo is suitable for:

The modern CEO who needs fact-based stats

gets full control of customer satisfaction, occupancy, business and service levels.

Managers who want to stay on top of status and workload

get to know who does what, division of labour, workload overview, customer satisfaction, analyse errors occurring per property, property managers and case types.

Property managers who want to smartly plan their day

can easily get more off their plate. When your day is well-planed you'll also avoid unnecessary calls from and to customers.

Receptionists who want to give strait forward answers

have access to up to date information on cases and their statuses.

Subcontractors who need to plan ahead smartly

can find clear instructions on when and what needs to be done.

Substitutes who need clarity on what needs to be done

can get familiar with piccolo instantly and focus on the task instead of dealing with outdated and bulky systems.

Simplify and automate your case management and fault reporting with Piccolo

The most user-friendly fault reporting and case management system available in the Nordic countries.

Industries using Piccolo today

Real estate companies

Piccolo was originally built for real estate companies that want a simple administration and the most necessary functions for simple case management.

Technical management companies

Piccolo is a great tool for smoothly handling error reports and cases for an unlimited number of real estate companies.

Service & repair companies

Business, facilities and service repairers in several different locations? No problem. Piccolo gives you insights and distributes matters easily as a pie.

Wholesalers with retailers

Take care of your brand and keep track of your dealers' fault reports and warranty issues.

Streamline your errands

Avoid double administration

The data goes directly into Piccolo through the integration with your website - without further processing. You will find all the necessary information about all active cases and reports directly in Piccolo.

Need to create new tasks and categories? Then you can do it easily without any hassle.

Inform the customer on an ongoing basis about their case

When using Piccolo, your customers will be informed on an ongoing basis about how their active case is being handled. This means fewer customers calling to ask how things are going, and helps you save time - and time is money, right?

Get full control
of all cases

Piccolo makes it easy to prioritise and plan different actions. Sort and filter active cases based on location and tasks - and make sure nothing is forgotten. Your working day becomes easier to plan, plain and simple.

Easy division of labour with all necessary information

You can give instructions on what needs to be done and share tasks with coworkers.
Add images to show the full picture.
Ask additional questions to the client directly via Piccolo.
Keep private notes, invisible to the client.

LIve Feedback

Get feedback on every issue

Get to know on a property, staff and case level what you're good at and what you need to improve. No more waiting for outdated yearly customer satisfaction reports.

Stay ahead with live feedback.


Adapt Piccolo to your specific company needs

Add your own properties, premises and types of errors and cases. Piccolo is customisable to match your routines, processes and your specific errands.

Coming soon

Upcoming Features

Rounds & recurring tasks

Create routines and workflows with checkboxes for each step. Add images, input meter readings and add comments.

Paid Parking

Charge your visitors for parking via mobile devices. Invite your parking company to scan registration plates with our mobile app.


Automate and simplify your processes through integrations with finance, property and Internet of Things systems.


Free visitor parking

Let visitors park / check in for free with their mobile phones.

  • Avoid paper-scraps and cumbersome systems.
  • Make sure your real guests have parking spaces.
    Shut out the parasites.
  • Get reports on who is parking.
  • Easy to check for the parking guard company.


Invite your subcontractors

  • No training required
  • Easy to get started
  • Get live feedback on their tasks.
  • Measure time, costs and what has been done.

Time reporting

Report performed and billable time

  • Report on the go.
  • No further administration necessary at home or the office.
  • Export for easy invoicing.
  • Reduce the risk of forgetting to send invoices.
From our clients

Join Piccolo and put order
on all your cases

Pay only when you use Piccolo

No unnecessary payments. You only pay for the months you use Piccolo.
No lock-in periods or complicated cancellation rules. Just as it should be.



The perfect solution for smaller organizations.

*No set-up fees on annual plan


The perfect package for most companies.

*No set-up fees on annual plan

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For enterprises with high demands on integrations

*No set-up fees on annual plan

With Piccolo, you avoid commitment periods and hidden fees

Curious about Piccolo, the case management system of the future?

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Piccolo is built for small and medium-sized companies, but larger companies have begun to see the benefits and flexibility Piccolo offers.

We would love to hear about a feature that you can not live without, and what makes your everyday life easier. It is very likely that other companies also have the same challenges. This will make it easier to include it in our development plan.

Great! Book a meeting with us, and we will advice you based on based on your needs about importing your existing data, implementation advice and eliminating risks.

We have many satisfied customers with subcontractors. They appreciate the system because it has no start-up and training threshold. The subcontractors’ rights are clearly and simply governed.

No, we do not believe in binding periods. Use the system as long as you need and enjoy it. One month’s notice applies.

We start with an online video conference to look at your needs and expectations. Then we setup the system according to your needs and voilà.

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Follow along as we build the definitive toolset for property owners, wholesalers and service companies.